Main Hall **– includes large meetings, seminars, funerals without kitchen use. (Sunday to Thursday) 

                              Deposit:  $250.00 Rent:  $250.00

Main Hall with KitchenFull Day – includes large meetings, seminars, funerals with kitchen use. (Sunday to Thursday)

                              Deposit: $400.00 Rent: $400.00

Main Hall with Kitchen- Full Day – includes dances, reunions, etc. when main hall facilities are used for one day. (Friday and Saturday)

                              Deposit: $500.00 Rent: $500.00

Weekend (or 2 night/3 day) Package – includes a special rate for weddings or reunions to include decorating, gift openings, breakfasts, etc.  Rental is usually from Friday evening to Sunday noon.  Meeting Room can be booked for $125.00 room if available.

                              Deposit: $800.00 Rent: $800.00

Northmount Community League Members – please show your Northmount membership card at the time of booking to receive your membership discount (membership, cheques and contracts must be in members name)

                              Deposit: $300.00 Rent: TBD

Not-for-Profit Youth Groups – must book the Hall with the Northmount Community Hall Booking Agent and will be required to sign a Rental Agreement and are subject to all regulations contained in the said Rental Agreement. Long term availability and pricing is Subject to Approval by the Northmount Community Board

                              Call For Information

Bar Service – this will include as a service, 1 bartender and 1 assistant.

                              Event:  $350.00

Full Bar Service – Please have the rental agent contact

Meeting Room **- includes all meetings, where use of the back portion of the hall is required, which do not use the kitchen facilities (coffee may be served).

                              Deposit: $125.00 Rent: $125.00

Meeting Room with Kitchen **- includes all meetings, parties, lunches, dinners, etc. when kitchen facilities are used to prepare and serve a meal in meeting room. (Subject to kitchen availability)

                              Deposit:  $300.00 Rent:  $300.00

**These 3 options apply to functions to a maximum 4 (four) hours  (Sunday to Thursday)


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